Creatometry is an intellectual approach to artistry.  At Creatometry we are compulsively innovative, yet always keep production processes in mind.

Creatometry was formed in 2011 from the idea farm previously known as Moonlight Studios (of Atlanta) as events and some lucky publicity warranted a more web-friendly and searchable moniker.  Ted Freeman had been operating sporadically as Moonlight Studios on graphics projects and for publicity with the IDSA, and also sometimes used an older freelance consulting business name, A/T Design, which with the slash mark in the name was even less web friendly.

A/T Design began in the 1990’s as a sub-consultantcy for several design resource firms, doing work for Exide Battery, Simmons Mattress, and other firms under contract.  The name A/T originally stood for Art/Tech – which in its effort to suggest not only artistic but also technological practicality bears some resemblance to the fictitious word creatometry – but eventually the A/T came to represent All/Terrain Design; some may be familiar with both iterations throughout the ’90’s and ’00’s.

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  1. Hey Ted,

    I am super impressed with your latest fan sculpture made from Corian! I have a design firm that specializes in nightclubs, restaurants and spas. I would love to collaborate sometime.


    Michael Habachy

    • Ted Freeman says:

      Hey Michael thanks! Where are you located, not that it matters much these days. Creatometry will be launching a new product line in September and after the dust settles, I think that would be a very interesting proposition. Thanks for checking the fledgling site, there is lots more to come!

  2. Hey, you’ve got a great name for your studio but really need a Twitter handle or something. Saw photo of your fan sculpture but hard to give credit…

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