Hot-Lanta Fan – Project notes

Hot-Lanta Melting Fan from afar

The Hot-Lanta Fan in Five Points station, set against the fantastic facade of an underground atlanta relic.

In spring of 2011 the Atlanta design community was challenged by the C.H. Briggs company to “Light Up Atlanta” by using two sheets of white opaque Corian® material to describe via design “what Atlanta means to you”.

In response to this call for entries, Creatometry submitted eight designs completed out of many thumbnail concepts.  The following pages will describe this project from beginning to end, from my sketches through submission renderings, to production at Top South by Mike Marks; the unveiling presentation and finally links to press coverage of the project.

To see some of  the other concepts, go to the Light Up Atlanta concept presentation page.

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  1. Tallin says:

    That’s a mold-breaker. Great thniking!

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