“Hot-lanta Fan” goes viral!

melting fan concept rendering

The concept that launched 22,000 blog hits! Hot-lanta Fan

Well I have no idea how it happened (actually I do, C.H. Briggs sponsored it, MARTA made a home for it, TopSouth and specifically Mike Marks built it, and a talented AP photographer, David Goldman, snapped and released a great photo of it) but the New York TimesNightlineABC NewsWall Street JournalNPR’s Radiolab, The UK’s Daily Mail, tens of regional newspapers, and over twenty two thousand bloggers have featured images of the melting fan in tweets, blogs, likes and forwards.

I could not be more thrilled!

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Creatometry is a synergy of artistic/inquisitive and functional/rational design.
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6 Responses to “Hot-lanta Fan” goes viral!

  1. Mary K Tveit says:

    Hi Ted:

    The blog looks great. I am impressed by the quick turnaround. Lets chat soon.



    • ted says:

      Thanks Mary! Due to your great instruction and advice, I did manage this rudimentary WordPress beginning, and since I have not put out the word about it yet I am honored to have you be my first poster! (now I can erase Mr. WordPress’s remark) I intend to put up a link to SolDesign as I figure out more of the details, and of course add exhaustive image content from other projects…

  2. Sara says:

    Heard about your success on the SolDesign blog. Congrats! I’m a graduate of the Emory Web Design & Development Certificate program and have worked with SolDesign on some [real] Web projects. Mary Tveit is awesome! Glad she is teaching the class now. It’s great to see the amazing work that comes out of these programs. Good luck on the rest of your class(es)! Seems you’re off to a great start. :)

    • Ted Freeman says:

      Thanks Sara! Mary is definitely a mega force… I wish I had time to get the entire web program Emory offers. The people in the entry level class all knew so much more than me – a supposed design industry veteran – and I even made a full-blown 20 page site before from scratch, in a previous firm. You gotta keep using it and keep learning!

  3. Sherri Huber says:

    Just wanted to congratulate you on your success! Even when I knew you at Auburn University years ago, I could tell you were very talented and destined for great success. It is certainly well deserved.

    • Ted Freeman says:

      Hey Sherri! You are too kind. Yes, I guess I am hoping to be a late bloomer, huh? Well, always more stuff is in the works; we shall see! I hope you are doing well also and keeping out of trouble at the Tigers games!! :) War Eagle Sherri!

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